How to Move a Pool Table Upstairs

Written by on May 30, 2012

Billiards is a great game, it is fun both to watch and play. But before that you have to buy and assemble your pool table. At some point you may have to move to another residence. Moving such a heavy item is a task that requires lifting and patience. Continue reading to find out some tips which will help you to save time and efforts during the move.

First of all, you should disassemble the pool table. A pool table should never be moved in one piece to avoid damages. It is a good idea to mark the pieces in a hidden area while you disassemble the item. This will help you to put it back together later. Keep all pieces in one place to make sure that nothing gets lost.
Before moving arrange 4-5 friends or neighbours to help you. The playing surface of the table called slate, weighs over 150 pounds. When you carry the slate try to keep it in a vertical position the entire time. Do not transport it in a horizontal position since there is a higher chance that the seams between the slate may pop. Now you can carry the rest of the pieces up the stairs. This includes the rails and the cabinet. These pieces are not too heavy, but still it is advisable to arrange somebody to assist you.

Once you have moved all pieces of the pool table upstairs, reassemble the item. At this point the markings you made earlier will help you to complete the process faster. Just take your time and do not rush to avoid mixing similar pieces. When your table is assembled again it is advisable to contact professional to re-level the table for play. At the end I will give you one very important tip when we speak about moving heavy items. As furniture specialists such as Ikea home delivery experts recommend- always use your legs to lift to avoid back injury.

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